Why is Sex Good For You

Is sex good for you?

This is one question I get asked a lot.

There is so much conflicting advice and information on the internet and in magazines that it can be very confusing to know if there are any health benefits to having a good sex life. Sex is great exercise too and can help you lose weight, feel better and even help you fight off some disease. Here are some of the health benefits of trying out healthy sex life.

is sex good for you

The most cited health benefit to sex is weight loss.

There have been several studies done on the subject of sex and weight loss and one study conducted by the National Health and wellbeing council compared two groups of middle-aged men. One group had previously tried and failed to lose weight and the other did not.

The group who had not tried and failed to lose weight lost an average of four pounds after two weeks. This was quite remarkable because it shows how quickly the body adapts to any stimulus and how important it is for you to make changes in your lifestyle to be able to slow down the process.

Why is sex good for you and your heart health?

The second area is heart health.

Men who are more sexually active tend to suffer from less heart disease than those who are not. The report showed that those men who enjoyed sex more had lower heart disease risks than those men who did not.

It also showed that those men who are sexually active were less stressed and this was associated with lower blood pressure, stroke, and risk for heart problems. There is a definite link between stress levels and unhealthy heart health, so if you can enjoy sex more you will be happier and healthier in general.

In terms of longevity, people who have long sexual experiences live longer than those who do not.

This is because sexual encounters are proven to delay the aging process. Those who have more frequent sex lives live several years longer than those who have sex rarely. In fact, they live up to five years longer!

How about sexual satisfaction?

Women who are satisfied with their partners do not have to experience sexual frustration and this leads to lower stress levels. And is sex good for you if you suffer from it stress?

Stress is known to increase the incidence of diseases and illnesses. Enjoying good sex improves your partner's relationship. If you and your partner are happy you have better chances at having better sex and have more fulfilling sexual experiences. You enjoy your sexual activity so much that you are able to last longer in bed and reach climax faster.

Why is sex good for you to not get prostate cancer?

Men who engage in frequent sex have a lesser chance of getting prostate cancer. In fact, this is because men who are healthy and who can have an erection have lesser chances of getting prostate cancer. Enjoying sex makes it easier to achieve an erection because you are more aroused. There are fewer chances of premature ejaculation and you also reach orgasm more quickly.

Having a healthy sex life is also good for you and your partner's well-being. In healthy sex life, both partners feel fulfilled and have high self-esteem. This is because you also feel good when you and your partner are having fun. You are able to share your deepest desires and have a satisfying orgasm as well as a satisfied mind and body.

The above factors, among others, are the reasons why having an intimate relationship with your partner is beneficial for your well-being. It helps to lower stress levels and it helps to enhance intimacy. However, if you have too much stress in your life and if you feel that your intimate relationship is suffering because of it, you may want to consider seeking good sex help. With a good guide, you will be able to have a healthy relationship with your partner and achieve an orgasm every time you have sexual intercourse. Getting help from a guide such as this will improve your intimacy and will boost your self-esteem as well.