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tail butt plug

Guide On Using Anal Tail Butt Plug

The tail butt plug is an excellent choice for people who enjoy anal stimulation and the accompanying swelling and soreness that goes with it. This kind of plug is constructed from soft flexible silicone rubber that will gently stimulate the rectum, which is basically the skin surrounding the vagina and anus. This guide on how to use anal tails will help you get started with this kind of rubber plug. First of all, you will need to cleanse your hands with warm water and soap.


Once you have cleaned your anus, it is time to insert the dental floss into your anus to remove any excess mucus that might be left from wiping. Keep your fingers loose and begin by inserting one end of the guide onto your anus and pull gently. You will feel resistance, so keep up with gentle pulling until you feel the plug beginning to push up against the stretched area. With practice, you will become familiar with the amount of pressure you need to exert in order to create maximum sensation and pleasure.


When you are ready to insert the tail plug you can either use your finger or a sex toy. Using your finger you will find that this is much more comfortable since there is less contact with the material and you won't be able to slip as easily. However, if you do decide to use a sex toy make sure that you wash your toy with antibacterial soap before insertion into your anus. Another helpful tip to prevent irritation is to wear open-toed shoes. The closed-toed shoes will rub your butt and cause more irritation to your plug. Finally, make sure that you keep your tail plugs dry at all times and avoid resting your plugs on soft surfaces.

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