Facts About Women & How They Feel

Facts about women's body during sex are important to every man who is interested in making his partner happy. Although we all know that the body is a sexual organ, we still tend to ignore it and go by what we read in magazines or seen on television. We tend to overlook these facts because we don?t want to know the truth. Or we just think that it won?t change anything in our relationships.

facts about women39s body during sex

If you want to find out facts about women's body during sex, then here are a few of them for you. First, there is the question of vaginal lubrication. This is something that most couples do not pay much attention to. Actually, you may be surprised at how much the vaginal lubrication can affect your sexual experience.

Most women tend to have weak orgasms. However, not all women have weak orgasms. There are those who have very strong orgasms that are felt through the entire body. This is known as the female orgasm. The female orgasm happens because blood rush into the sex organs, causing an increase in blood flow to the clitoris and vagina.

Facts about women 's body during sex show that the vagina is the perfect place to give pleasure. Therefore, this part of the body should be explored during foreplay. Foreplay doesn?t only include touching and caressing. You also need to learn how to stimulate the G-spot correctly so that she will climax quickly. Here are some facts about women 's body during sex that can help you achieve this:

Know the Female Orgasm – One fact about women 's body during sex that most men don?t know is that the female orgasm is actually caused by sexual positions. A woman can have an orgasm if her sexual partner is good at sexual positions. In fact, the G-Spot has a lot to do with achieving this orgasm. This is because the G-Spot reacts to sexual stimulation, just like the clitoris does.

Facts About Women 's Body During Sex – Most women tend to have problems with having an orgasm during intercourse. However, not all women have this problem. The main reason why this happens is because the vagina doesn?t have the right amount of lubrication. If your partner is good when it comes to being foreplay then you can have better chances of having an orgasm during intercourse.

Do the Sexual Positions Right – If your sexual positions are not going the way you want them to go then you will have problems with having an orgasm. You see, most women prefer to have sex in the missionary position. This is because it allows for greater stimulation during intercourse and it also allows for greater vaginal penetration thus giving you better results at the end of the day.

Do you want to know more about the facts about women? Then start reading on now. There are some really good resources that can help you get all the information you need. These include books, magazines, and the internet. Whatever method you choose just make sure you are doing it the right way!

What Does the Vagina Do For Sex? – If you were taught that the vagina was simply a passage way for a woman's reproductive system then you would have had little to no variations in how women used it throughout their lives. But, recently we have learned that the vagina actually serves a much more useful purpose during sex. In fact, the vagina actually acts as a sort of? “spacer” during sex allowing one to enjoy sex without feeling so self-conscious about the “disappointment”?

The Facts About Women & How They Will Have an Orgasm – If you asked any women they?d never experienced an orgasm they would be quite upset with you. Because a lot of women don?t realize that the reason they aren?t experiencing an orgasm is because they are holding themselves back. That is to say, in order to have an orgasm, the vagina needs to experience some vaginal spasms or contractions. Now that we know why orgasms happen, lets look at how to make them more frequent and stronger.

Strengthening the Vagina – As we mentioned before, the vagina is a muscle. This muscle is made up of two major muscles: the internal vagina (the one you can see when looking at your own vagina) and the external vagina. There are many ways that you can strengthen these muscles and make yourself more capable of experiencing stronger orgasms. A great way to start is by having the sex position known as the missionary position.

What Are Some Facts About Women? What Every Woman Should Know – If you are like most men you will find the answer to the previous question quite intriguing. Unfortunately, knowing this information usually doesn?t help the sex life of most women. If you want to learn more on how to give better sex to your woman(s), there are several books out there that tell you the best way to do it.