Does Sex Really Needed to Be Important in a Relationship?

What makes you have the ultimate sex life?

Surely, sex is among the most important qualities in successful relationships. And a large part of that includes high-quality, mutually satisfying sex. But just how much sex is played up in your sex life depends largely on who you and your partner are as individuals.

And, what sort of sex life do you have?

Fleming points out that, in many instances, people assume that “sex” means having sex. This leads to a sort of sexless marriage or another arrangement. But Fleming points out that this is not a normal situation. Healthy sex lives often include activities like foreplay and massage.
So how does one go about keeping a healthy sex life? Fleming says that sex is best left to when it's appropriate: When the woman is ovulating. She will generally be fertile about two to three days before her period, though this will vary depending on her fertility cycle. And it should be a time of relaxation and intimacy, ideally leading up to a romantic evening together.

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One way to encourage a strong sex life is by engaging in “meaningful sex”. This is sex that involves a great deal of emotional connection. The connection may involve one person's deepest beliefs and hopes for the other person. Or it may involve a commitment to each other as friends who share many similar interests and values. Sex can be an expression of these values and interests.

When it comes to forming these bonds, Fleming says that talking is very important. Talking is also necessary for maintaining long-lasting relationships. Talking keeps the spark alive and prevents boredom from setting in after a good night's sleep. It also keeps the relationship interesting and promotes curiosity and desire for more.

The chemistry between two people is determined not only by chemistry alone but also by their emotional rapport. Emotional rapport is what allows couples to connect on a deeper level than just physical attraction. Without good sex, a relationship can become mundane and boring. It can lead to the development of serious conflicts or even breakups.

And the development of serious conflicts or even breakups can have severe consequences for both parties.
That's why it's so important to maintain a good sex life. When the physical aspects of a relationship are great – a wonderful relationship that often culminates in the sharing of a house, a car, a mortgage, a child, or some other significant item of value – sex becomes merely a perk that enhances that relationship. It becomes nice to have and not a primary component of it. Sex becomes non-important. And this is where the problem often starts.

Unfortunately, most couples don't take sex as seriously as they should and they let it slide at times. When a couple does this, they do put their relationship in danger, especially if they do not work at making it an important priority. But if you keep your sex life at an optimum level, you will see a much better connection between you and your spouse that makes it hard for you to imagine your life without one another.

There are several ways to make sex a priority in a relationship.

If you are married or engaged, this is a very easy thing to accomplish. Simply start with keeping the physical part of the relationship central to your attention. Keep some alone time, do something nice together and keep each other interested. Make sure that you are both thinking of one another frequently.

Another way to make sex a priority in a relationship is to make it a fun activity. Try new things, go on romantic dates, take long walks together and keep each other motivated. This will help to keep the excitement alive in the bedroom and keep the passion flowing. This is also a great idea to relieve tension after a long period apart. It will be less likely that you will stray if you are always feeling energized and happy.

The fourth way to answer the question, “Is sex important in a relationship?” is if sex gets in the way of bonding with one another. If you two just aren't comfortable with one another, then there will be tension in the relationship and this can affect the emotional bond. Find a way to be more comfortable with one another.