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Recovering From Porn Addiction – Recovery Does Not Have to Be Hard

When recovering from Porn addiction withdrawal can tell you two important things about your current situation: 1 You are truly addicted to porn. 2} You are fighting it off. Porn addiction withdrawal is your body’s way of throwing a protective shield up in front of your eyes so that something else, a real problem, won’t […]

Anonymous Porn addiction Withdrawal Symptoms Into One List

Porn addiction withdrawal, like most addictions, is very difficult to defeat. It’s simply too easy to fall into the trap of using pornography again without even noticing it. This is common with people who only occasionally use pornography. They don’t realize how much it has impacted their lives until it’s too late. Once porn addiction […]

The War on Drugs: An Inverted Triangle

The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs began in Reefer Country, in the 1930s. It was an indiscriminate campaign that resulted in countless millions of people getting hooked to illegal substances, including opioids like morphine, cocaine, and crack. Today, the War on Drugs still rages, even though many citizens consider it to be unnecessary and counterproductive. The War […]