The Best Free Sex Toy Catalogs

Best Free Sex Toy Catalogs

For some people, the thought of reading through an entire free sex toy catalog isn’t all that enticing. However, for others, particularly those who are looking for a certain type of sexual toy, a free sex toy catalog really can be very helpful. These catalogs …

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Is Sex After Birth Dangerous?


One question to ask when asking is sex after birth is whether or not you can have sex before and during your pregnancy. Many women wonder about this, as some women are unsure or afraid of what will happen to them when they become pregnant. …

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Looking For the Best Sex Toys Catalogs?

Cheap Lingerie

If you’re looking for some of the best sex toys on the market, then it’s time to shop the best sex toys catalogs. These are specially created catalogs that contain all sorts of products that help people who are seeking to have fun with sex. …

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What Can Aggressive Sex Cause Bleeding?

cause bleeding

What Can Aggressive Sex Cause Bleeding? If you are sexually active then you have probably heard of the saying, “sex is love”. This statement is true in some ways but not in all ways. To put it simply, love does not always equal sex. When …

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Is Sex Good For You?

is sex good for you

Do you wonder if sex is good for you? It may sound ridiculous to some people, but the fact is that sex is a huge part of every relationship. Even if it is not the main component of your relationship, it is a vital aspect. …

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How Important Is Sex In A Marriage To Keep It Healthy?

How important is sex in a marriage?

For centuries now, people have been asking the question, “How important is sex in a marriage?” Not only has there been extensive research done on the topic, but several scientific studies have also been conducted on this matter. All of these studies come up with …

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Facts About Women & Orgasms

facts about women

There are many facts about women & men’s body during sex. One of the most important is knowing how female body reacts during orgasm. When a man penetrates a woman, he gives her a very intense stimulation that results in powerful orgasmic feeling. The G-spot …

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