30 Mistakes Woman Make When Having Sex


In This Post I will Talk about 30 Mistakes Woman make when having sex. This list is based on a Swedish survey. Men wrote down what they disliked that woman do in bed. 

  1. They do not touch the penis and if they do they, treat it as a poisonous snake.
  2. Pulling hard on the penis as it doesn't have feelings.
  3. Are too ruff when giving a blowjob they use the teeth too much.
  4. Too much focus on the penis while forgetting the rest of his body.
  5. Never giving compliments.
  6. They assume he knows everything including how they usually prefer it.
  7. He Should give her an orgasm while she just lying there as a receiver.
  8. She never gives any kind of sexual response and thinks about everything else but not sex.
  9. Yawning during sex. 
  10. Will not give a blowjob.
  11. Squeeze to hard around his balls.
  12. Thinks sex is a competition.
  13. She is more concerned about how she looks during sex then how here partner has it.
  14. Wants to be cuddled and stimulated with , but not giving the partner the same stimulating feeling.
  15. Laughing at his penis.
  16. Doesn't wash herself before oral sex.
  17. Do not shave and do not understand that having a mouth full of hear isn't satisfying.
  18. Complain on being to fat.
  19. Complain about her tits not being as nice as they once were.
  20. They do not dare to ask him what he likes if they are unsure on what he likes.
  21. Turning off the light.
  22. Says that she thinks sperm is disgusting.
  23. Careless with kissing.
  24. Comparing herself with the ex.
  25. Tells how much better the ex was and all the delicious things he did.
  26. Only have sex because he wants it.
  27. Not using sexy underwear.
  28. Talks about the dishes, the dirty laundry and the kids in bed.
  29. Falling asleep during sex.
  30. Talks to friends during sex on the phone.

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